Memoir 2.0

I’m happy to announce that Memoir 2.0 is now available for download here and via the Mac App Store.

Version 2 is a comprehensive overhaul of Memoir. Previously, Memoir was basically a stripped down version of Dossier. With version 2, it’s been totally separated from the Dossier code base and is now much more of what I envisioned originally (that is, a personal journal).

In terms of what has changed from version 1.1.1 – in a word, everything. The interface is cleaner and more logical, making it easier to use as well as “prettier”. The backend has been rewritten and is much faster. Basically everything in the program has been touched, and many components have been completely rewritten.

Also notice that the price has been chopped nearly in half. This is not a decision that I took lightly – I feel like the new version is more than worth the $14.99 I was asking for version 1.1.1. However, Memoir faces a raft of competitors – and I believe that the new $7.99 price point makes it an easier buy when comparing. It’s going to be money well spent.

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6 comments on “Memoir 2.0

  1. Does it come in an iOS-version too? I’m still on ios3 and looking for a nice app that works on both my desktop and iphone..

    • Rob Minerick on said:

      It does not come in an iOS version at this time.

      • Is it planned into the future of Memoir?

        Your website states MacOS and iOS software, but I cannot find any yet…

        I love the Memoir-app, but it would be more useful if it at least synced with for instance SimpleNote..

        • Rob Minerick on said:

          I am working on iOS versions of Dossier and another product that has not yet been released. I would like to do an iOS version of Memoir, but it’s not something I’ve begun working on yet.

  2. Niels Rasmussen on said:

    Hi, i’ve just purchased the Memoir app. I love it !!!

    If you have plans to translate Memoir of other languages​​, I will be glad to help.
    I speak Danish :-)

    • Rob Minerick on said:

      Thank you Niels, I will take you up on that once I localize Memoir!